Hello! I’m Sheheryar Ahmed. I am an iOS Developer from Pakistan. I am graduate in Computer Science from  University of Punjab. It was completed in year 2020.

I started my iOS development career when I was in university. Our university started a software house to develop some apps for the clients. I was part of it as a jr. iOS developer. We developed some very small app like battery status checker, torch app and some other utilities.

After that I joined a private organisation “Zafeen Solutions” as a jr. iOS Developer. There I worked on multiple client projects that include bug fixing, feature development and a few projects from scratch. I worked there around two years.

In sept 2020 I got a call from “Vyro.ai”. It was a rapidly growing startup focused on photo editing apps. They had already build android app and they wanted to enter the iOS market. I was the very first in the iOS team and had the opportunity to lay the infrastructure of their apps. Later the team expanded and we added lots of features to the apps. These products are now used by hundreds of thousands of users.

Recently I joined Fenix Mobile, a company situated in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a fully remote job where I worked with people from all around the world to develop apps on another level. We used modular technique to create highly flexible and reusable modules. We combined different design patterns to decrease code dependency and make it easier to extend application.

That was some about me. I would love to know about you. Feel free to contact!